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We are glad to offer you a wide range of the most popular pink stun guns for sale in our online shop. Despite a small size and a hot bright color which every girl will definitely enjoy, pink stun gun is of the same power and effectiveness as the other stuns for protection. Any pink stun gun is able to shock and neutralize a person or animal, regardless of the thickness of clothing, weight or pain threshold, depriving and blocking the muscular system. Nevertheless, it can not produce burns on the body or kill the attacker. But, additionally, very compact pink stun gun is a weapon that you can carry with you at all times. You never know when trouble might come!

Each pink model is original; run on energy-intensive and easy to recharge batteries. All the coloured stun guns can be used in a closed space such as a car, elevator, staircase, where the use of gas and firearms is not possible. As far as the main part of the critical situations in which women are forced to defend themselves with stuns take place in the dark pink models are equipped with a bright flashlight.

Pink stun gun with a flashlight is small and powerful. It gonna be the best useful present for your beloved! Shipping of all self-defense products is available.