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Sabre red pepper spray

Security, self-protection and calmness! If you value these three qualities and have an active lifestyle, you will definitely protect yourself and buy self-defense products in our store.

Here you will find a really effective self-defense pepper spray, which is absolutely safe for you and doesn’t cause serious damage to the attacker. But this pepper spray can draw the teeth off the attacker for 45 minutes. This time will be enough for you to call the police and deal with the attacker according to the law. Our self-defense pepper spray contains UV marking dye, which may help to identify the attacker during detention by police officers.

Why is pepper spray so effective?

  • Heat Rating has a CHR of over 180,000 SHU.
  • Spray contains 6 shots for more then 5–7 ft.
  • UV Marking Dye.
  • Keychain Case.

The pepper spray was engineered and certified in the US by the independent laboratory Chromtec LLC. The main ingredient of the spray is cayenne pepper. That’s why spray causes pain and shortness of breath after contact with the attacker’s skin or face. The mucous membranes and veins in the eyes swell, that makes the attacker incapable. But, the weapon does not have a lethal outcome. The personal defense spray blocks the action of the attacker and gives you the opportunity to escape.

Today pepper spray is one of the best and the most popular self-defense products for women, because of its small size and keychain design. But it will be useful for men too.

How to choose the best pepper spray for you?

  • Women should choose a pepper spray which looks like cosmetics or keychain. They can put it into the handbag and use immediately in a dangerous situation.
  • For children you may buy a small pepper spray. Do not worry about security, because every spray has a fuse.
  • Men can choose pepper spray more from 75 milliliters. It may be a keychain or big spray for the whole family.

Where to buy a small pepper spray?

You can buy pepper sprays on at the best price, we also offer pepper sprays wholesale. All you need is just to choose the right model and add it to your cart. We always have many different models of pepper spray for sale, you may buy online. We also guarantee high quality of every pepper spray and lot of different models and colors available.