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Keychain Pepper Spray

More and more often men and women are thinking about self-protection these days. Stun guns are one of the best self-defense weapons. But some people are not comfortable using stun guns for many different reasons. That’s why we offer you an alternative, effective, cheap and compact self-defense weapon – keychain pepper spray. It will be enough to neutralize your enemy and will give you some time to escape.

Buy keychain pepper spray today on our website. It is small enough and can be easily fitted in your handbag or a pocket. It is very efficient, cause you may react to the attacks immediately and very quickly spray the liquid into enemy’s face.

When you use pepper spray remember not to use it  against the wind. In that situation you’ll become the victim of your own weapon.

Where not to use pepper spray:

  1. Use small keychain pepper spray only in case of real danger for self-defense.
  2. Do not use indoors.
  3. Do not use against the wind.
  4. After contact with the skin use a plenty of water to wash off the dangerous liquid.
  5. It is prohibited to leave pepper spray unattended and transfer to persons under 18 years of age.
  6. We recommended testing keychain pepper spray outdoors, away from people and animals.

Where to buy keychain pepper spray?

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