Flashlight Stun Guns

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Police LED flashlight stun guns

If you are a police officer, a professional fisherman, a hunter, a military, a climber, an active sports fan or just a tourist, you will need to put your mind to our unique led flashlights stun guns. They are very durable and light, have high-range illumination and minimum power consumption. But their main feature is a built-in stun gun in every flashlight.


With such flashlight stun gun you`ll never be afraid of dark backstreets, gloomy corridors or entryways. There is only one discharge and you are in absolute safety.


What do we offer to our customers?

  • We guarantee quality and reliability;
  • In our shop you'll find a wide range of the super flashlights stun guns;
  • Every flashlight has a charger 220V;
  • Container for 3 batteries;
  • Gift-wrapping.


And, of course, we organize a courier’s delivery to your home or office. Everything you need is to choose the right model of flashlight and enter your contact information into the online-form.


Who should buy a flashlight stun gun?

This self-defense product will appeal to fans of military toys and tactical flashlights. There are not only for policemen or military, but also for the employees of security organizations. Besides, we recommend all women paying attention to our products. These military flashlights are the best and the most effective personal protection products. Think about your security right now!