POLICE 928 - Max Voltage Super Powerful Heavy Duty Stun Gun - Rechargeable With Holster


  • PROFESSIONAL DEFENSE EQUIPMENT: Engineered to meet the demands of Police, Military and Security Professionals worldwide.
  • COMPACT SIZE: 6.5" x  2" x  1".
  • RECHARGEABLE BATTERY: Recharge cord included and simply plugs into a standard wall  outlet to save you money on batteries.
  • DEEP FINGER INDENTATIONS & NON-SLIP RUBBER COATING: Molds this unit to your hand for a firm and comfortable grip.
  • GRAB GUARD SAFE: The plates on the sides also deliver a high voltage shock so the attacker will not be able to snatch it from you.
  • ULTRA-SHARP PRONGS: Can be used to shatter a window if you are trapped in your vehicle after an accident.
  • LED LIGHT: The bright LED flashlight provides a convenient source of light whenever you need it.
  • HOLSTER INCLUDED: A durable holster is included for easy carrying.

UPC: 712038072187
EAN: 0712038072187

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Customer Reviews 4 item(s)

Hatten Rushing
Posted on 8/9/2018
This is the best weapon anyone could have unless it would be a gun. This is for sure , NOT A TOY . IT IS DEADLY.
Robers S.
Posted on 8/9/2018
Extremely Powerful Stun Gun
Very pleased. The Police 928 measures apx.6 & 3/8 long by 2 wide by 1 & 3/16 inches thick with two switches for safety. The light ONLY works alone, the gun will NOT work with the light on, NO worry, the -all in one switch- is simple, all the way forward and ready to stun. What is so cool is that if the subject reaches for this unit, wham, because of the wrap around metal facing on the end. It arrived CHARGED. Small enough to carry in my sunglass case even though it does come with its' own belt carry cover. Just the noise alone should deter having to use it. Even in daylight, the "arching" is a determent. Comes with a recharging cord.
Todd M.
Posted on 7/25/2018
The best stun gun out there.
What a great tool. For all Armed and unarmed Security Officers. Well made. Nice size.
Padre Tom
Posted on 6/26/2018
This stunning device is the best that you can purchase.
This stunning device is the best that you can purchase.
Bar none !
I have tested it on myself and four other military friends.
We are not allowed to carry weapons off base in the states, but our wives and girlfriends need protection when we aren't here, which is often for special forces soldiers. All of us got together and decided we would research this problem. After months of research both on the web and off we decided for untrained persons the carrying of a firearm or knife is just too dangerous. Carrying mace can be effective, but the stream has to hit the attacker in the eyes. That's a two inch Target. The odds are not in the defenders favor, if there is any wind or the attacker anticipates it. An asp collapsible baton is great, but like deadly weapons it takes months of training. Overall we have decided that this device, which needs minimal training, is the best defensive weapon for evasion and escape of a very nasty situation.
We bought four of them for our sweethearts after testing this one.
I feel confident a woman will have time to get away after giving an attacker a liberal hit with this device.

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