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We are glad to offer you a wide range of the most durable and dependable mini stun guns for sale in our online shop. Stun guns do not cause harm to the person, but only deprive him for a few minutes, unable to move, since it shocks him and blocks the muscular system. It means that a person ceases to control his body immediately. At the same time the current it sends is too weak to cause any tissue damage.

We strongly recommend women mini stun guns for protection since all the items we have for sale are easy to use and are generally compact so they can be easily carried in a purse. Mini stun guns can be carried in your pocket either as they are of a small size and the most suitable shape just like your mobile phone. You can also carry them in your hand and have readily available when you are in an uncomfortable situation or feel threatened. Stun guns work on attackers of all sizes and are particularly useful for up close encounters.

All the mini stun guns we offer allow you to bring the device into a state of readiness quickly. Stun guns run on energy-intensive and easy to recharge batteries. Stun guns can be used in a closed space such as a car, elevator, staircase, where the use of gas and firearms is not possible.

Shipping of all mini stun guns and other self-defense products is available.