Q: Are stun guns legal to own?
A: YES, this is has been a common misunderstanding for many years. It is 100% legal to own a stun gun for civilian self defense as long as you’re not a minor, no felony record and intend to use it ONLY for self defense.

Q: For it to be legal to carry a stun gun, does it have to be concealed?
A: This will all depend on your state/city/county that you live in. Since there are so many different laws for different states, we recommend that you contact your local law enforcement office for any details that they can offer on the topic. For MOST states, the stun gun does not have to be concealed.

Q: Am I allowed to keep a stun gun in my car or purse?
A: Different regions have different regulations and laws. For almost all states, this is perfectly legal and not a problem. If you want the most precise answer for the city that you live in, we recommend contacting your local law enforcement office for details. 99% of the time we have found that it’s perfectly legal to keep a  stun gun in your car or purse as long as stun guns are legal in your state.

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