How to choose a flashlight for self defense?

Do you like extreme sports? Have you been looking for the best personal safety products? Then POLICE tactical flashlights is the best choice for you! They are not typical led flashlights they are very powerful self-defense weapons, which can help you to protect yourself.

POLICE self-defense flashlights has been on the market since 2013. One of the most important differences between POLICE high quality flashlights and similar products is the impact-resistant metal housing, which you can use as brass knuckles for applying a strong hit.

4 reasons to buy self-defense flashlight

  • Strong electric discharge. Every POLICE self-defense “headlamp” produces electric discharge power 1000 KV. It’s able to immobilize the enemy of any size, physique, weight and degree of military training.
  • Blinding lights. The flashlight has a bright emitter used by the police department in many countries. The light beam is able to illuminate a distance of 600ft. sending it to the enemy’s eyes, you’ll immediately blind him and win time to maneuver.
  • Absolutely legal. Using a flashlight stun gun is officially allowed in most of the USA states.
  • Affordable price. Everyone can afford tactical flashlights for the best price online at our website.

Parts of a tactical flashlight

Every Police tactical flashlight has the same construction:

  • Bezel;
  • Head/LED Housing;
  • Battery Compartment;

Parts Of Flashlight

Bezel consists of: LED lamp, lens and reflector. And tailcap has tail switch and lanyard attachment.

Standards for flashlights

fl1-standardPOLICE self-defense flashlight must comply with the standards, before using in the USA. So, before buying high quality flashlights, read these information attentively. It will help you to find the best tactical flashlight.

  1. Run time. Choosing a flashlight, pay attention on the length of time it’ll take to get down.
  2. Water resistance. In our catalogue you’ll find flashlights with three levels of water resistance: IPX4, IPX7 and IPX8. Every index has its own meaning. For example, IPX4 will be able to protect of splashing water, with flashlight IPX7 you can dive to one meter for 30 minutes, and IPX8 is suitable for diving to 1 meter for 4 hours.
  3. Light output. This standard shows the total amount of light, which comes out of the flashlight.

Police flashlight stun gun is the real exclusive for every adventure traveler. Manufactures were able to reduce the size of shocker about 1.5-2 times, compared to its closest analogs. It is pocked-sized now. It could be possible, because all electronic components were made on the basis of nanotechnology. As a result, the power increased by an order. Police self defense flashlights were produced exclusively for the US intelligence!

Most stun guns are equipped with one or two pairs of electrodes fighting, but Police products have a new stun-type arrester. Spherical electrodes are more effective then all currently known models. This innovation increased area of contact with the body of the victim! Most of all, it reduces the likelihood of fails and increases the efficiency of the attack.

Where can you use a stun gun flashlight?

Stun gun flashlight is not just a stun gun it’s also a powerful police flashlight. Its light is able to blind the victim even in the daytime. In the evening you can disorient a stranger for a few minutes and after that use it like a stun gun. Similar models of flashlights are used for hunting, because the powerful light beam shines through even the trees and bushes.

POLICE self defense flashlight is effective not only against hooligans, but against dogs and other wild animals. Dogs are afraid of loud cracking, bright light and the smell of ozone. As a rule, when you applied to stun them even at the distance, dogs showed anxiety and fear, so they run away.

Perhaps this is the best tactical flashlight, which is also legal in most USA states!

stun gun map

5 buying tips you must know before buying high quality flashlights

  1. Size. If you are a woman it will be better for you to choose a pocket-sized stun gun flashlight. It doesn’t take much space in a handbag, but will be most effective in any situation. If you are a police officer, a hunter, a fireman or a security guard you may choose a big and heavy flashlight.
  2. How much light. Pay attention how many lumens has a flashlight. If you want to blind the enemy for a few minutes, will choose a flashlight with 60-100 lumens.
  3. Power source. You may choose between rechargeable and disposable batteries, and between standard size and special battery. Every of those models of flashlights have its own pros and cons, so you may decide it individually.
  4. Durability. If you need a flashlight for your self-defense only, you may choose a model with the degree of water resistance IPX4. But if you need something more durability, better for you to buy a stun gun flashlight with IPX7 or IPX8.
  5. Budget. In the Policemart catalogue you will find different price category flashlights $10 to $40.

How does a flashlight stun gun work?

First of all, rechargeable flashlights are charged from the 120V or 220V. Every model has a switch, which help to choose the right way of using a flashlight.

  • Up level – turn on the lights;
  • Middle level – turn off the lights and stun;
  • Down level – turn on the stun.

Lanyard attachment prevents accidental inclusion shocker. The best area for using stun gun flashlight is the places with the greatest number of nerve endings. There are the major muscle groups, as back, neck, chest muscles, groin and solar plexus. The discharge is so strong that is able to break through some layers of clothing. In winter you should press the stun electrodes to the attacker more firmly.

Types of flashlights, which one you’ll prefer?

There are three main types of flashlights you may find today. Of course, every type has its own specific way to carry and purpose. We’ll show you all of them.

  • Headlamp. You can fix that flashlight on you head and left your hands free. Headlamps are useful, when you want to use a weapon. For example, when you are hunting.
  • Weapon lights. This type of tactical flashlights was designed to be mounted to a long gun or a pistol. Most of all weapon lights are used by police and guards.
  • Hybrid adapter. This is the most universal flashlight, because it combines all the advantages of previous two types.


How many lumens must be in flashlight?

One of the standards of flashlights, you can see, is the number of lumens. But how many lumens must be in flashlight?

  • 1-14 lumens. It will be enough to lighten a small dark room, or to read a map in the night and so on.
  • 15-59 lumens. It will be enough to illuminate the room, but you can’t see anything very far outdoors.
  • 60-149 lumens. Now you can see outdoors and even walk through a neighborhood in the night. With the flashlight with more than 100 lumens you can blind the attacker for a few minutes.
  • 150-299 lumens. It will be enough to light up a large dark room. At 150 lumens you may blind the attacker at night, but close to 300 lumens you will be able blind the attacker in the daytime.
  • 300-699 lumens. There is some serious. With such flashlights you’ll be able to lighten a football field. But remember, that such brightness flashlights need special batteries.
  • 700+ lumens. There is really serious. These flashlights are so brightness that can illuminate 2 or 3 football fields.  

Flood or Throw: what to choose?

Modern flashlights may have flood or throw light beam. Every of these terms have advantages and disadvantages. For example, flood light will illuminate a very large area, but not very far. And throw light can light up far away, but you won’t see anything around you. So, the choice will depend on your own needs. If you need the flashlight for hunting the best type for you is the product with throw light. It will help you to observe for animals in a far distance. But if you need a flashlight for walking at night, flood type will be better for you.

So, what is the best self-defense flashlight?

It was a very huge article. So if you are reading it now, we congratulate you! We tried to explain you what was the types of flashlights stun gun and what was the difference among them. We told you about standards, parts and types of flashlights. Now you know how it works and how to choose the best self-defense product.

We can’t tell you what self-defense flashlight is the best, because for everyone it will be a different product. In our catalogue you will find many kinds of flashlights that became very useful for you and your family. 

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