Simple Guide to Women's Self Defense

The issue of self-protection in the modern society comes out on top. With a great priority the question of "how to defend yourself?” concerns more women than men. There are women who more likely to become victims of dangerous attacks. Those are different kinds either when the victim is being a target for a long time or just jumped on from around the corner.

Think of personal safety

The most common crime happening to women is rape. And it’s usually not based on sexual purpose. The rape also like other crimes is about showing the dominance of a more strong physically person over another. Assaults and attacking always are aimed at women because they cannot repulse and are not likely to fight back against the assailant.

Statistic says most crimes against women are made by men, which are not strangers to them. Simple guide for self defense available at many web-sites and booklets for women (and also kids) would explain initial principles of keeping off the problems. Sometimes these situations are predictable when observing threatening intentions in the behavior of a certain person in your surrounding. Following not complicated self defense tips for women would make it easier to reduce the chances of getting in trouble.

Take advice on self-protection

Undoubtedly the best way to avoid the risk of being attacked is to keep away from badly illuminated places in the street at the dark time of the day, evade staying alone at empty areas and keep out from situations of conflict. But sometimes getting into those takes you buy surprise. That's why nowadays women are strongly recommended to take care of self-protection. This means training themselves for defense or providing themselves with proper means of it.

In case when an attack is inevitable it’s important to try no to lose control and fight back as hard as possible. A repulse is not only a necessary way of surviving but a moral obligatory. Try and think about what you can do as a quick reaction in case of finding yourself in a critical situation. Any simple objects like nail file or a pencil can be used like a weapon against an assaulter.

Self defense is an important part of the everyday life for most women. So it’s necessary to get to know more about effective techniques ant simple tools of self protection and providing it properly for successful survival in case of the worse.

Doing some fighting sports is quite a useful skill. But think of how much time it could take you before you master those techniques well enough. We are not trying to persuade you to stop training and forget about it. Statistics says that smaller and weaker women are more likely to become victims of an assault crime. Even being well-trained can never guarantee a successful application of your skills against an attacker who’s just bigger, stronger and more powerful.

Means for self-protection

There are simple but more effective ways. Very easy-to-use self-protection tools like stun guns and pepper sprays are very handy and widely available. Designed specially for women these little unnoticeable things will let you not to worry about personal defense. What’s also important they vary in size from very small and light to bigger ones which also make a weapon for a stroke. These popular means of protection are among the first self defense tips for girls.

Women’s pepper sprays are effective for quick and temporary disabling the attacker for saving time and running away. Small containers with the burning compound liquid are produced in the shape of lipsticks, lighters and other simple objects. The application will cause a temporary blindness and affect the skin. Although opening the bottle and finding a proper position and the eye-level of the assaulter would need some time.

All about stun guns

A stun gun is an accumulator-powered device which emits an electric discharge shocking an attacker. This self-defense tool is also usually produced in small handy formats. Those are electric torches, mobile phones etc., which could actually carry out other important functions combining its primary purpose. But they are considerably effective. But before using it consult the legislation of your state to be sure if the kind of a stunt gun you are going to use is applicable for your region.

Stun guns are a lot more effective than the pepper spray, as their operation includes not only a strong hit. That will cause strong pain and temporary disable an aggressor. Also they provide a loud crack sound which can serve as an alarm or just frighten an attacker off. Those devices are put into action by simple pressing a button, no additional procedures needed. Certainly you can apply a safety device for your stun gun if you are afraid of an accidental applying.

Stun guns for ladies would let you feel safeand comfortable as when using themwomen don’t need great physical might. The risk of self damaging as a consequence of wrong usage is very low. Still do not neglect following general self defense tips when applying a stun gun. 

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