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Taser guns make a great non-lethal self-defense weapon that anyone can use. Taser guns do not cause harm to the person, but only deprive him for a few minutes, unable to move, since it blocks the muscular system. It means that a person ceases to control his body immediately. At the same time the current it sends is too weak to cause any tissue damage.

Tasers are usually used by the police and military units as more professional equipment in comparison with stun guns. But now we present you mini tasers designed specially for the everyday protection and for everyone! Mini taser guns operate effectively and neutralize an attack by people or animals.

Bright flashlight and fuse to avoid accidental activation are provided in most models of mini taser guns for sale on our website. You can find models for both men and women.

The main advantages of mini taser guns presented in our online shop:

  • High efficiency. Any mini taser is able to neutralize any person, regardless of the thickness of the outer clothing, weight, pain threshold, etc.
  • Energy-intensive and easy to recharge battery.
  • Ergonomic design of the handle. It allows you to bring the device into a state of readiness quickly.
  • Originality of all models.
  • All the model do not produce burns on the body.
  • All the mini tasers can be used in a closed space such as a car, elevator, staircase, where the use of gas and firearms is not possible.
  • All the items are small in size but very powerful!

Shipping of mini taser guns is available.