21 inch Automatic Expandable Baton


Improved automatic opening mechanism which enables the baton to instantly expand from 9.5” to 21” with just the touch of a button. Once opened the baton locks in place to prevent it from retracting when striking someone. When you need to protect yourself, each second counts. That’s why you should count on the new Police Force 16 Inch Next Generation Automatic Expandable Steel Baton. When they want to use less-than-lethal force, police officers and security guards often reach for their automatic metal baton; now civilians can too. It is made using high-quality components and comes with a full one-year warranty. Police Force Tactical Products are built to the standards of police and security professionals but are also available to responsible civilians who demand superior defense products.


  • Superior Design: The improved automatic opening mechanism is both safe and reliable.
  • Expandable: At the touch of a button it expands from 9.5” to 21”.
  • Safety Lock: A reliable locking mechanism prevents the unit from accidentally opening.
  • Safe Distance: Keeps you at a safe distance from your attacker.
  • Fast Action: Expands in a fraction of a second at just the touch of a button.
  • Window Breaker: Makes a great auto escape tool when carried in the car.
  • Locks once Expanded: Prevents the baton from retracting when it makes contact with someone.
  • Textured Handle: Helps you maintain a firm grip.
  • Holster with Belt Loop: Heavy-duty nylon holster for convenient carrying and quick access.
  • Warranty: 1 Year
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