Rechargeable Flashlights

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One of the effective self-defense products is a stun baton, which you can buy in our shop. Flashlight baton stun gun combines all the advantages of usual batons as physical effect devices, of ultra-bright shock effects and of a stun itself. Additional option of the flashlight distinguishes them from the ordinary baton stun guns. Such ordinary baton stun guns for sale can also be found on our web-site. 
Stun baton is metal and has a usable haft. There are two special projections on the baton’s main body, which can cause pain and serious skin damage during the attack by a stranger. But the main reason, why you need to buy a stun baton is its powerful multipoint “stungun”. It can afraid an attacker with threatening electric sound, and stop him with powerful high-voltage discharge.
Flashlight baton stun guns are rechargeable with storage batteries and are aimed at their owners defending.
Also, our stun baton for sale has a special flashlight, which can blind an attacker with ultra-bright light.
Flashlight baton stun gun is a best choice for non-professional as it is an improved version of a police stun baton. These devises with a comfortable grabbing were developed and tested in order to increase the quality of the protection for non-professional buyers.