21 inch Automatic Expandable Baton


This baton expands from 8.5 inches to over 20 inches with the touch of a button. There is a safety feature that prevents it from opening accidentally which is a good thing because it comes out with a powerful 30 pounds of pressure. That could cause a lot of damage to an attacker that gets too close!


  • DESIGN: This high quality, 8.5 inch steel baton is made in Taiwan and expands to 20.5 inches.
  • FAST ACTION: Extends in a fraction of a second at just the touch of a button.
  • LOCKING FEATURE: It locks into place with just a touch of a button and provides extra reach, keeping you at a safe distance from an attacker.
  • SAFETY SWITCH: Avoids accidental opening
  • RUBBERIZED: The rubber handle with finger intentions help you maintain a firm grip.
  • HOLSTER WITH BELT LOOP: Reinforced with genuine leather for maximum durability.
  • WARRANTY: 1 Year
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