Soft Air Taurus PT24/7 Spring Powered Pistol, Black


Taurus PT24/7 offers the BAX shooting system for better accuracy. With the lower tactical rail allows you to add any tactical gear you need to bring to the fight. The PT24/7 shoots 315 feet per second with .12g ammo. NOTE: BB Loader is not included. IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Jamming: A few potential causes for this issue: a. The most likely cause is the user not pulling the slide all the way back.We encourage the end user to grab the slide at the front of the slide and pull back. It’s a solidly built item, so grabbing the slide at the back end of it and attempting to fully engage the slide is challenging at best. b. If this pistol is fired with the safety on it will sometimes jam the pistol once the safety is taken off. This is not a defect as much as it is user error. c. If the user is using a bb that is too heavy (recommend a .12g with this item) it will increase the likelihood of a jam occurring. 2. Mag falling out: As mentioned before, I tested several pistols and never experienced the mag falling out. The user may be hitting the mag release button unintentionally and/or, very unlikely, but possible, putting the mag in backwards. Lower Tactical rail, BAX Shooting system, H.P.A High Power Accurate.; BB Loader not included. Shoots 315 FPS with .12g ammo
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