5 Inch IR Dummy Camera Black


Now you can deter robbery, theft, and vandalism without the high cost of a real security camera. When placed in your home or business, even the most sophisticated criminals will think the premise is guarded by a high-tech surveillance system and go in search of an easier target. In fact, this is an actual surveillance camera that has been modified into a dummy or fake security camera. This unit does contain a flashing light and comes in two color options, black and silver.


Design: Looks just like an actual surveillance camera Noticeable: It is highly visible during the day and at night the flashing red LED light guarantees that it will be noticed. Dimensions: (including the rain shield and bracket) 10 inches x 6 inches x 7 inches. Installs quickly and easily using the included stainless steel screws. Warranty: 1 year


Black 5 IR Dummy Camera in Circular Outdoor Housing with light, Instruction Manual, Fully Adjustable Plastic Mounting Bracket, Screws, Authentic Video Cable, Weather Proof Heavy-Duty Plastic Housing, Requires Two AA Batteries.
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