(50) POLICE 50,100,000 Super Bright Flashlight Stun Gun Rechargeable- Wholesale Lot


Lot Of 50 x New POLICE 50,100,000 Super Bright Flashlight Stun Gun Rechargeable:

Experience protection and security in a convenient flashlight size and function! A very high quality stun gun, with a spark so loud the noise alone will scare away any criminal in the area. The products comes equipped with all the necessary features to operate and use as a regular flashlight, but with the added security benefits of a high powered stun gun and glass-breaker end for even more emergency implications.


  • Powerful end probes and safety cap
  • Flashlight design and shape 
  • Rechargeable battery 
  • Security button to prevent accidental power, but convenient enough for quick action
  • Glass-breaker end 
  • Carrying case & wrist strap Built-in LED flashlight
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