Guard Dog Security Halo 290 Lumen 5 Function Waterproof Rechargeable Tactical Flashlight


The Guard Dog Halo tactical flashlight encompasses 290 blinding lumens of white light, bright enough to stop an attacker in their tracks and brilliantly luminous for any endeavor or daily functionality. Equipped with premium tactical and self-defense technology, the Guard Dog Halo features a one-hand, tail push-button 5 light setting, Ultra Bright at 290 lumens, High at 145 lumens, Low at 30 lumens, Emergency Strobe at 290 lumens and S.O.S. Emergency Morse Code at 290 lumens. This light is so bright it can be seen by an aircraft from above! The durable Halo light is 100% rechargeable, so throw away those expensive batteries for life. It comes with a lithium-ion battery and multi-use battery cradle that plugs directly into a wall outlet. Drop it or drown it, the Guard Dog Halo is waterproof, all weather resistant and shockproof making it ideal and worry-free for any condition. The heavy duty front demonstrates an emergency self-defense/glass-breaker face in case of fire, smoke or quick escape from hazardous and dangerous situations. The Guard Dog Halo is constructed in type III aircraft grade aluminum alloy in an anti-roll titanium black body and includes a convenient wrist strap. Powered by over 100,000 hour bulb life and our enhanced aluminum reflector system for optimum light output, the Guard Dog Halo 290 lumen tactical flashlight is the complete tactical flashlight for everyday, self-defense and tactical purposes.
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