Canniks AEGIS 80,000,000 Mini Stun Gun Rechargeable PINK+ LED Flashlight PINK

Product Features:

  • Smaller: less than a normal computer mouse and can be easily held and concealed in your palm or pocket.
  • Stronger: doubles the stun power of model 800, let alone other mini stun guns in the market.
  • Brighter: at least five times brighter than model 800 by using high beam power LED. It can be a complete alternative for a regular flashlight for daily uses.
  • Curved design and High Quality Rubberized Coating: This professional design makes AEGIS more elegant and easier to grab.
  • Built-in Wall Charge Plug and Rechargeable Battery: no more cords and batteries to mess around. The device itself has everything included.
  • Function Switch and Extra Shocking Button: The combination of function switch and extra button allows AEGIS to easily switch between a steady flashlight and a stun device with dual safety control.
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